Current Events

Wendesday is our Find the JOKER Night!

To play, one must buy a ticket for £1
The game is simple, there are 53 cards placed in envelopes with one holding the Joker. One ticket is selected at random and the winner is eligible to pick an envelope, if the Joker is inside the chosen envelope then that person wins the Jackpot if they fail to do so then that card drops out of the game and the Jackpot rolls over. 

Currently the JACKPOT stands at £0.


Every Tuesday 9pm is Quiz night! 

£1.50 per person - maximum 6 per team

Winners take a percentage of the takings

- In the event of a tie, then a question is asked. 

A team is randomly picked to answer a bonus question, if the correct answer is  not given then the JACKPOT will roll over to next week. 


Currently the JACKPOT stands at £0.